The Buddy Bandana is born in Boston in 2019. Our mission is to spread awareness and raise money for rescue organizations across the country. Each year approximately 1.5 Million shelter animals are euthanized, (670,000 dogs). We pride ourselves on donating to no kill shelters to support and save animals in need.


Oscar came to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation after having lived a nightmare in Mexico. His owner there trained fight dogs and he tried to teach Oscar to be one. Due to Oscars gentle nature, he refused to fight. This gentleness led him into being a bait dog, not a fighter. When he was no longer useful to his owner, Oscar was burned and left abandoned marked with purple dye all over his body – an act that is not uncommon for dogs who refuse to fight. 
Luckily a good Samaritan was able to help the neighbor  who had witnessed these inhumane acts but was too afraid to come forward. 
He is now here in the United States with us. However his road to recovery will be a long one.  He has burns all over his body; mange which requires daily treatment; and deep sores that will require surgical intervention. 
He is scared, but he is learning to trust us and as soon as he is ready, we will find a family who will show him the beauty of the unconditional love he so rightfully deserves.





Abandoned by his owner, this pup was left outside to fend for himself for an entire year.  He had access only to a small dirty pond behind the property and scraps of food put out by neighbors. He slept on concrete every night in a decrepit trailer.
Because he was extremely fearful, it took rescuers from Animal Hope & Wellness a number of days to bring him in. When he was brought to AHWF, he was fearful of humans. He would allow us to pet him at times, but cower for fear of being hit.  He tested positive for heart worm and is currently undergoing  treatment.  Although he still has an uphill battle, we know he will make it through - he is a fighter.
He luckily found an amazing mom who gives him everything he could dream of. He went from perceiving the world and humans as dangerous to now having a connection with so many caring people and dogs.  It’s hard to put into words being the person who helps a dog feel safe, but it’s moments that will never be taken for granted. 
AJ (now Jack).                                                                        

AUG:  Humane Society of Imperial County, California

          (Thanks to Jamie S. for this nomination)

JUL:    Woof River Animal Response Memphis, Tennessee

           (Thanks to Sarah-Beth C. for this nomination)

           Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

JUN:  ADORE Pet Rescue Orlando, Florida

           (Thanks to Karen O. for this nomination)

           Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation


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